Strobing is all the buzz right now! You ask, what is strobing, it is highlighting with a power booster, imagine a luminous face plus highlighter, sounds beautiful right! When you already have oily skin(me), this may sound like discoball nightmare but like with any other makeup trend, you can modify it to you your liking, because the technique includes adding shimmy cream/pigment or powder over a moisturized skin, you can adjust to your taste. There is no right or wrong way to strob, unlike with contouring, which can be a nightmare if done wrong, what better way to enhance your summer tan! Let’s get strobing!   


 ByTerry Cullularose Blush Glacé   (Luxury) MAC Strobe Cream/Melon Pigment/135 brush ( mid-range)NYX Liquid Illuminator (drug store)    The good thing about this new trend, you might not have to invest a lot of money, you can use products you likely already have a home, if not, above are a few options, a like to include products for all budgets!

  1. Places where the light would naturally hit/high planes of face
  2. Less time consuming than contouring, fewer prouducts are needed
  3. Gives a more natural, clean, youthful look, wearable during the day/night