The newest  highlighter to Becca’s superstar lineup is ‘Champagne Pop’ by Jaclyn Hill ( YouTube Guru) has arrived in some stores earlier than projected release date( scheduled released on 7/2/15 online only), I found mine in a local JC Penny ( Sephora) I was able to find product by using store locator, It did not show in any Sephora free standing stores, only inside local JC Penny stores, this highly anticipated collab is worth the hype✨  

  The packaging is the same as the rest of the collection, only difference is the box and the plastic protector has Jaclyn Hill name embossed in it.    On the left is Champagne Pop, on the right is Opal! Champagne Pop is warmer, while Opal is on the cooler side!    
The Champagne Pop is on top, Opal is on bottom, it was hard to capture the beautiful colors!  They are similar but different, if I had to choose, it would be Champagne Pop✨

 The release of this highlighter will be July 2nd on, will be in stores July 16th, ( Sephora exclusive) if your like me, and can’t wait, I would keep checking my local Sephora (inside JC Penny) to get your hands on it sooner! I would recommend it! after all, it is limited edition.✨