So, a few months ago Cover FX custom cover drops were all over YouTube and Instagram, I decided to take the plunge, I bought them during Sephora’s VIB sale, which saved me 20%! I was intrigued by fact it was pure pigment and could be mixed with just about any other product (primer, moisturizer, serums,oils,tinted moisturizer and foundations that are water~,oil~,or silicone based) in your collection to achieve desired coverage, depending on the color you purchase, you could use to adjust current foundation to suit you tanned summer skin without investing in a separate set of summer foundations and winter foundations, it sounds genius right! Well, since I’m no chemist, no ma’me! 

  • The concept is nice, probably more suitable for makeup artist
  • $44.00/0.5oz
  • This can be messy (Imagine the clean up)🙀
  • Time consuming
  • A lot of trial and error    This seemed like the perfect money saver at the time, DIY fix for that foundation that is just a tad bit light, mixing with your favor moisturizer, creating your very own customized BB cream or a few drops added to your primer to achieve a flawless canvas! Quickly after I purchased this, I realized I don’t  own foundations that don’t match my skin tone and I wear little to no foundation during warmers months, I tend to reach for powders when I do! Because I spend $165.00 on my moisturizer(Chanel Le’Lift) I’m not mixing it with anthing! (Premadonna)🙋🙋🙋🙋

P.S……… I plan to try it a few more times before I return it, so before I recommend this to a non makeup artist, I will do a fair and through trial! 😊