Twenty-two matte lipsticks are apart of this collection!

  I have bought five so far to add to my stash…..1st Up……Runway Hit, it is a drier, patchy Kinda Sexy!😩😩😩   


MAC will get you every time!😩 Runway Hit is going back!😏 


I’m most pleased with Antique Velvet & D for Dangerous! Whirl, Stone and Matte Royal where the most sought out! Ruby Woo is by far most popular, picked up a new one, just because!💋  


‘DGAF’ by Melt Cosmetics is a slightly more vibrant dupe for Matte Royal, that is already apart of my collection,(no need for both) the swatch below came from Instagram💜🔮💜


As we get closer to the Fall, I may consider Studded Kiss/Instigator…. I’m passing on Dangerous, Naturally Transformed, Persistence and Men Love Mystery for now, anything is possible with Tropic Tonic and Steady Going!😊

Until Next Time!😍😍😍😍

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