Cover FX has hit the ground running! Between the Customer Cover Drops, Foundations and the Contour palette, they are sneaking their way onto our vanities one amazing product at a time! My most recent acquisitions from the brand would be the contour palette, I hemmed/and hawed, finally  ordered it from! It retails for $48.00,  there are six color combinations to choose from, I would like to tell you how much I love it or how you should stay away from it, I would like to simply say, I haven’t touch it yet, three months of sitting on my vanity! Yes, I’m guilty, I’m a hoarder of all things pretty! Sephora(in-store)and sells Cover FX products as well as the http://www.CoverFX.comThis kit features four shades based on undertones and a step-by-step instruction card. It is clinically tested, vegan, and noncomedogenic, it is fragrance, gluten, mineral oil and talc free!  (I know it looks blah in the pan, I promise it is not!) I knew there was a good reason I wanted this palette! Please look at Candlelight, in all its strobing goodness! They are smooth, creamy, lightweight and easy to blend into the skin, I’m in love!…….  As usual😁😁😁

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