I’m not sure why I never reached for this powder before, on initial inspection, immediately, I thought of my NARS translucent crystal powder, after applying it, I just stared in the mirror, the transparent white powder brightened my under eye area instantly, while giving a invisible lightening boost!    It lasted all day, without any creasing, after hours of wear, this was the only place on my face that remained matte! I bought mine from Sephora $24.00/0.14oz, it can be purchased anywhere that sells Laura Mercier, this powder comes in two colors, powder 1 (light/med) and powder 2 (med/dark) I bought powder one, unaware of #2,  I’m anxious to get #2, it is currently out of stock at http://www.lauramercier.com, that is the only site that carries both! This lighter-than-air setting powder is absolutely amazing!  I read plenty reviews that this it is not photo friendly setting powder📷📷📷I still love it, by the way, I always check my makeup by taking a picture in nature light using my cell phone! (Beauty Hack)

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