YSL released these beautiful 10 pan-palettes at the beginning of 2015, This palette is available in two signature Nude and Tuxedo, these palettes were inspired by the fabrics of Yves Saint Laurent’s creative studio in Paris, they retail for $95.00, and can be purchased anywhere YSL is sold! The palettes are sleek, sturdy, and compact!


Honestly, I never considered purchasing either palette until YSL had a private sale, then, I couldn’t resist, I decided to go with the Nude palette, knowing that I would be more likely to use it, I love the warmth of it! I absolutely recommend it, if you want a new nude,high-end palette, of course, you can find numerous dupes, but, it’s YSL, after all!


The pigmentation is great, the shadows are smooth, and easy to blend! The brush is a dual ended, nice enough to actually use! The palette is expensive, I am almost certain that I would not have paid full price, because I own plenty of nude palettes, while the colors are absolutely gorgeous, I would not say, make sure you pick it up!

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