• Makeup primer that hydrated and revitalize skin
  • Get the benefit of primer, hydration and sheer radiance with this all-in-one primer.
  • No silicone, no alcohol, no oils
  • Use as a primer, set your makeup, or refresh face throughout the day
  • Retails for $32.00/3.9oz and $16.00/1.0oz at http://www.sephora.com, can also purchase at http://www.ulta.com


Probably, unlike most people, I was not apprehensive about purchasing this product, part and partial based on my previous experiences with water based products, I absolutely love them, between my rosewater and Bioderma…… I could not have been more excited to try this out! So far, so good, I have oily, combination skin, and to be honest, this has not wowed me, yet, Im not so disappointed that I return it! I could not recommend it! I love trying new products, as I am a product junkie, at the same time, I would never hype sometime up, knowing it was a lie!

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