Today, I stopped by Sephora for the Marc Jacobs Face 3 Brush, and the Re(Marc)able foundation after hearing great reviews, ended up with everything else!

Everything I purchased today came from Sephora and Ulta


When they announced this brush would be released, I was counting the days, I own a few MJ  brushes already, and was really looking forward to getting this one, FYI (they wash well, do not stain, and performs outstanding) totally worth the price! 

I already owned the Genius Gel, since I was not very impressed by that formula, I decided to give this a chance, normally I don’t go for a full coverage foundation, since it’s a serum, I figure I can control/sheer out coverage as desired!

I have heard everyone raving about this primer, anything that minimize pores, while keeping my face matte, review coming soon!

After my exceptional experience with the Laura Mercier Secret  Brighten Powder, trying this was a no brainer! 

I will post a review in a week or two!


Last, but not lease! I picked these up at Ulta, the color payoff is equal if not better than Urban Decay eyeliners and half the price, while the color range may not be as expansive as UD, these are most definitely worth it!
Until Next Time!😍😍😍😍

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