When Gucci first introduced their cosmetic line, I was captivated by the double “G”! I wanted everything, after all, who doesn’t love swanky makeup! Immediately,  I was turned off by the return policy and the limited information available, they would not return product if you opened the package, period.,which is not realistic with new makeup, no way to know if it works for you! I waited until I watched several reviews on the collection, finally after weeks of debating, I took the plunge, slowly, I’m happy I followed my first thought!


I purchased the foundation, face powder and a eyeliner, the packaging is phenomenal, I was not wowed by the quailty of the makeup, after receiving my initial order, I decided not to order anything else!


I own this foundation in shade 160, it retails for $65.00/1.0oz, I like the formula ok!  It is lightweight, and buildable, leaving a soft glow, it is not a must have, I don’t reach for it often! I think I’ve only used it once or twice! It does contain SPF!


I own this powder in dark 060, luxe finishing powder, this powder is designed to absorb excess oil and to control shine!( Perfect for me) Does have a mirror and brush applicator, retails for $55.00, the first one I received, the compact was not glued together properly, it fell apart! Sak’s did send me another, after I paid for new one and returned broken one to local store! ( I didn’t consider buying directly from Gucci, return policy suck)

I own iconic ottanio, long wear eye pencil, retails for $32.00, the color is darker in person than it appears online! The liner is soft, creamy, glides on smoothly, and came with a pencil sharpener! (No, I would not repurchase)

Finally, anyone who is still considering this makeup, I would try to find a store and test it out! 

I was simply expecting more, considering that it is a luxury cosmetic line! Did not meet my expectations quality wise! 

I would recommend this if you find something among the line you are interested in! I am still considering a lipstick, maybe, we will see!

Until Next Time!😎😎😎😎

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