Twenty-five shades of the cult-classic, Lip Tar, now comes in a ready-to-wear formula, which includes a applicator! They retail for $15.00/0.14 fl oz, they will be available 08/14/15 at and


Now, with a new way to experience the lip tar, will you be temped to buy these, I have at least 20 of these shades in the original packaging, $18.00/0.33oz, the formula will remain the same, but you get considerable less product! I like the fact they now come in a tube, a lot less messy then previous packaging! I’m always excited for new makeup or shall I say a improvement to existing makeup!


Listed below are the twenty-five matte finished colors that will be released, several of the shades are metallic!

  • Anita (browned burgundy)
  • Sebastian (plum-toned taupe)
  • John Doe (pale ash-toned taupe) 
  • Hollywood (beige gold shimmer) 
  • Interlace (palest cream peach)
  • Anime (seriously neon pink) 
  • Strumpet (seedless grape red) 
  • Lydia (darkroom plum) matte
  • Narcissus (lavender-toned pink) 
  • Digitalis (pink tinged, pale lavender) 
  • Femme (true baby pink)
  • Grandma (clean classic coral)
  • Queen (neon red coral) 
  • Memento (mid-tone pink/plum neutral)
  • Hush (bridal neutral pink) 
  • Black Dahlia (blackest, blackened red) 
  • Black Metal Dahlia (blacken burgundy/red pearl sheen)
  • Stalker (true blue-based red) 
  • NSFW (true, balanced red)
  • Vintage (deep burgundy)
  • Pagan (blackened purple)
  • Technopagan (blackened purple/blue pearl sheen)
  • Rx (true cyan blue)
  • Belladonna (ultra violet)
  • Hoochie (extreme magenta)




I’m looking forward to the new packaging!



P.S. All OCC lip tar is %50 off at Sephora………

Until Next Time!😍😍😍😍😍😍

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