Serpas is one of our favorite restaurants, located in midtown Atlanta, the food is excellent and the service is always impeccable! We are creatures of habit, generally ordering the same thing, tonight we stepped outside the box! 


The eggplant hushpuppies are a holy grail item, they are the first thing we order, before wine, before water! Yum, yum!⬇️⬇️⬇️


The salmon chips are also a cult fave! ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Tonight, we ventured out and order the duck rolls, will not order them again!  Other than seafood, duck is the only meat we will eat, maybe twice a year! We are pescatarian, (vegetarians who eat fish, in our case, duck too) we love kale, but not many restaurants offer kale salads, so field greens it was, this salad included pecans/goat cheese, it was delectable! 


We decided to go with the stuffed trout/Yukon potatoes and asparagus for our entree, which was a excellent choice! I love anything stuffed with crab!


Our meals consist of a lot of fish, tofu and kale! We are always on the hunt for great food, wine & ambience! We consider ourselves true foodies!

 (I started to eat, then realized I hadn’t snapped the picture, hard to take pictures during dinner!)

Red wine and cider beer are our spirits of choice! 

Deserts generally include chocolate of some sort for us to even consider, but, tonight, he ate vegan carrot cake, and I had a vegan cinnamon roll! (From another restaurant, after dinner!)

We eat here frequently, we attempt to try a new restaurant often, but we like what we like! (New restaurants open up weekly it seems, you could literally go months without frequenting the same one twice)

Until Next Time! 😍😍😍😍😍

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