Described as a creaseless, eight-hour shadow with a transformative texture for wet or dry application. The dual-intensity eyeshadow has smooth, versatile texture that goes on dry for a sheer soft touch of sensual color, or wet for a high-impact finish. The shades retail for $29.00/0.05oz, there are 14 shades to chose from, or and most major department stores! 


Pasiphae~Shimmering Peacock Burgundy/I really like this color, it reminds of the blue/brown pigment from MAC, less messy, easier to travel with!


Swatches below, top swatch dry, 2nd one wet (used my fingers)


Himalia~Shimmering Topaz/I admit, I liked this color a lot more in the store, I will think about keeping it! (I have a dupe in my stash)


Swatches below, top swatch dry, 2nd one wet (used my fingers) 

The eyeshadows are beautiful no doubt, but, the colors are not unique enough to pay $29.00 each for all 14 ($406.00) of them! Yikes, NARS………maybe I will try to get my hands on the limited edition palette from the summer! It has Himalia included in the palette! 

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