I still remember the first time we had sex, it was a Friday night, a month into our relationship, after dinner and one too many cocktails, he lifted me up, high in the air, and fucked me, putting on his best performance to date! That night, he begged me to kiss him, for me, kissing was off limits, it is one of my unwritten rules, ironic right, you can have your way with my body, but no kissing allowed, somehow kissing always seemed more intimate!

He would go on to be the first person that was able to bring me to climax with just penetration! I remeber our sex would be so intoxicating, experiencing breathe taking orgasms! But as the months/years of fun, food, and fucking commensurated, slowly I went from a size six, to a size twelve, our sex life also died a slow death, one early morning, as I attempted to lay him before work, he admitted, with his limp dick in hand! “You need to lose weight”, “I’m not turned on” he hissed as he rolled over and headed to the bathroom!

Needless to say, I was devastated, I had never felt so utterly rejected, despite this revelation, we decided to move forward! If forward is the direction you go after such devastating news!

Until Nex Time!