You insisted on driving separate cars, our flight is leaving in less than hour, as I make my way through the security checkpoint, which is the worst at Hartsfield-Jackson, I start to get nervous because you are no where in sight, you missed the flight, I arrive in Miami, check into the hotel, and freshen up, this was our first time on South Beach together, actually, our first trip as a couple to be exact, it’s your birthday and I wanted the trip to be extra special! Our penthouse suite has the perfect panoramic view of the city, I beamed with excitement, anxious for your arrival, finally, after three long hours, and several shots of Patron to relax my nerves, we take a evening stroll on the beach, enjoy a nice dinner at Barton G. before returning to the room!


After sitting on the balcony, listening to Maxwell, sipping our favorite Merlot, we decided to call it a night! With butterflies in my stomach, and a nice buzz from the wine, I am anticipating making love to you, no, this isn’t our first time, but this is our first time in a different city together, we decide to take a shower, your body is a work of art, after twenty minutes of hot and heavy foreplay, we were forced out of our trance by the cold water! As we head for the warmth of the California king size bed, suddenly we are interrupted by a knock on the door, I didn’t recall ordering room service, but whatever, there stood a striking thirty-something women staring at us, as I peered over his shoulder trying to figure out what was going on, tears streamed down her flawlessly made up face, she mumbled through heavy sobs, you promised not to do this again, “do what?” What is she talking about? With a knot in my throat, my heart in my stomach, and my body shivering from the now wet towel wrapped around my nude body, I felt the tears well up in my eyes, but refused to let them fall! We all stood there in silence for what seemed like a eternity! Finally, he turned to me and said he would be leaving with his wife!

Until Next Time!