Urban Decay has released previews of the new Vice Palette, scheduled to release soon, this will be a perfect edition to this year holiday collections.



I’m a sucker for great packaging! So far, so good!

The theme of this palette was inspired by oil slicks!

The colors look promising! Will update post as more imformation becomes available!

  • Below are the previous Vice Palettes

The palette that got the party started! The first Vice palette! The eyeshadow colors are always fun/unique. Urban Decay eyeshadows are very pigmented, easy to blend! 

With each release, the packaging is very fun and eye catching! A makeup collectors dream!


Between the Vice Palette and the Naked collection, Urban Decay is making it happen!
Which one is your favorite? Do you own all of them! Do you own any of them?

This is the only Vice Palette I own, I have never used it, maybe I will pull it out!

Until Next Time!
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