Fridays and our relationship are synonymous, fun and fleeting…..this particular Friday night, we where expecting about fifty people at our house, as usual, I’m a nervous wreck, will there be enough liquor, have they seen this outfit before, so many thoughts running through my mind, but the one that won’t let me relax, will Troy show up tonight? Troy is a friend of a friend, who recently moved to Atlanta from Texas to expand his law practice, Troy is 6’4, paper bag brown, with a Colgate smile, recently divorced, he had me at our first hello, tonight, he seemed to be mesmerized by my black stilettos/mini skirt, which by the way, I wore, especially for him. 


Troy is polite, attentive, and full of compliments, like you use to be, in the beginning, he marvels at every detail, from my hair-do, to my freshly maincured nails, I’m not sure if it’s the bottle of red wine I drank, but he seems to look right through me, I don’t recall blushing or smiling this much in months!  I didn’t notice that mostly everyone else had gone, all of a sudden, you seem to notice the chemistry between Troy and me, now, your extra attentive, unlike the last few months, we have not slept in the same room in weeks, and our sex life have become non-exsisent! I plaster a fake smile on my face as you grab my ass, and kiss my cheek, out the corner of my eye, I see Troy’s annoyance by your sudden show of affection. As I walked Troy to the door, he slid me his business card, written on the back, “call me, I can make it better”! Tonight is the beginning of a love triangle that I wasn’t ready for……………

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