An alluring eye shadow palette that caters to your every whim, offering a range of iridescent, matte, and satin shadows. Featuring six sultry shades, this versatile eye shadow palette transforms your look with endless possibilities, from nude to couture to smoky. Packaged in a luxurious, silver-tone compact that you’ll want to put on display, the universally flattering colors accent any eye shape.


A master of powders, a magician of eyeshadows and a genius of colors, Guerlain introduces a wardrobe of six eyeshadows to give free rein to your creativity and desires.


Like a jewel, the intense color is placed at the center of the case. The gradations take the form of different tones of four shadows to use as you wish, to your heart’s desire. The liner is nestled vertically to the right. It traces the eyes with a delicate touch. The six precious eyeshadows, enriched with Moonstone, offer an interplay of three different textures: iridescent, matte and satiny.  


Makeup becomes intuitive and foolproof, subtly guided by the placement of the colors, which allow for a “tone-on-tone,” “couture” or “smoky” effect. Eyes are embellished and customized: from the most natural to the most sophisticated look! 


 They were first released for Fall 2010, years later Guerlain has finally added another one, Beaugrenelle! I imagine the inspiration for the name of this newest treasure is from Beaugrenelle, a beautiful new shopping mall in Paris!


 Guerlain Beaugrenelle is such a stand alone. Blues are most definitely a stand out color this fall. I was not sure if the palette would be to cool, but once I swatched in store, I was pleased with all the colors, cream eyeliner included, the cream eyeliner will be the perfect base!


The palette has a overall cool theme, that includes a classic matte beige with warm undertones, a light silvered taupe, a matte medium-dark gray, followed by a deep blue that is a tad bit lighter than navy, and the middle shade is cadet blue with the high shine of a super-fine micro shimmer, the sixth pan is the cream liner that is a true navy blue with a matte finish. The tiny brush that comes with Beaugrenelle is the stiff straight push eyeliner on one end and shader brush on the other end.


Guerlain Beaugrenelle Fall 2015 Écrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette retails for $93.00 can be purchased at or and and


I love it’s substantial in weight, sophisticated in design, and I find the colors more wearable than some other luxury blue eyeshadow palettes released this season. I can’t wait to dip my brush into this beauty.

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