A playful ode to light and shadow. Shop BY TERRY’s highly-anticipated collection of dramatic eyeshadows, luscious cheek color and contour duos, and velvety liquid lipsticks, here  just in time for fall. (See previous blog post about the Magnet’ Eyeshadow Palette)


 Introducing ByTerry Terrybly Densiliss Compact Contouring Duo in 100 (Fresh Constrast) and 200 (Beige Constrast) retails for $95.00/6grams and can be purchased at http://www.beautylish.com


This contouring duo sculpts, corrects and contrasts volumes with light & shadow. The dark shade creates shadows and redefines areas in need of refinement; the light shade highlights contours in need of enhancement. Its exclusive wrinkle control Densiliss technology is a concentration of the finest mimetic pigments and F.T.C (Flawless Time-Control) prisms to mimic every skin texture and skin tone. Ultra-light and extra-fine, its light-smoothing texture blends without accentuating the features, wrinkles or fine lines. The face is reshaped, contoured and styled with a buildable matte-satin finish. 


Next up, the new blush duo, retails for $95.00/6gram in 300 (Peachy Scuplt) and 400 (Rosy Shape)


Finally the latest edition to the Terrybly Velvet Rouge lineup, number 09 (My Red) and 10 (Palace Garnet), Palace Garnet is a limited edition color! They retail for $46.50/2ml

This original liquid rouge is a supple, velvety gloss that envelops the lips in an ethereal layer of richly concentrated matte pigments, for a resplendent, satin-finished smile. Its sheer protective formula is dewy, imbibed with rejuvenating, smooth plant extracts to tone and plump the lips with brilliant shine. The unique new ergonomic applicator accentuates with its rounded tip, enhancing contours, and gliding to shape and embellish the rondures of the mouth with precision. The sophisticated result is an exquisitely defined, magnetically captivating smile.

I am a huge fan of ByTerry, I’m looking forward picking up the duo’s, and the lipgloss! I will keep you posted!

Until Next Time!😍😍😍😍
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