Guerlain, the colour expert, has elevated their makeup to the absolute symbol of femininity and seduction. Red or pink, orange or beige, Guerlain will satisfy all beauty desires. Truly intimate and luxurious objects, they enhance all expressions of femininity: femme fatale, fashionista or simply elegant…

Guerlain KissKiss is not just another lipstick—it’s a story of seduction. KissKiss, with its iconic symbol of love and eternal femininity, is an essential for every woman. It is an ode to color, the stunning result between great design and unparalleled cosmetic artistry. For 2014, Guerlain has revamped the KissKiss collection, an ultra-smooth texture, KissKiss’ unique formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid spheres, which gives KissKiss an incredible lip-shaping and plumping effect. Commiphora Myrrha oil and mango butter ensure that lips are smooth and incredibly hydrated. KissKiss’ fine, even and rich creamy texture provides a satiny, vibrant finish with impeccable hold. 

$37.00/0.12 oz.

Discover Rose aux Joues, Guerlain’s color-revealing blush with feather-light textures, enriched with “Pink Booster”; pigments that capture natural red light and boost the cheeks’ natural pink hue for a stunning, delicate glow. Fresh, powdery, and golden… Rose aux Joues is offered in timeless shades for all seasons and occasions. They perfectly match all KissKiss Roselip shades for a healthy and lightly flushed look. Application: Smile and apply Rose aux Joues with the brush on the rounded part of your cheekbones to the temples.


  Morning Rose-01

   Chic Pink-02

  Peach Party-03

  Crazy Bouquet-04

  Wonder Violette-05

 Pink Me Up-06

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